tif bullard
Zachary Whittenburg, chief dance critic writes (about "after that, later, then"): "Like consommés extracted from dance, poetry, song and theater simmered together, diminutive solo artist Tif Bullard's works exist in multiple genres simultaneously. They can be difficult to decode but offer rich depth of detail. This one 'abstracts and epitomizes a year of medical and spiritual turbulence.'" after that, later, then (Jan-Feb 2012) was a TimeOut Chicago Dance Critic's pick.

Tif's curation of her DANCES TO SONGS I HATE (May 2012), an evening of dance and performance at Links Hall has also received rave reviews - TimeOut Chicago’s #1 Dance Critic’s Pick, listed as one of TimeOut Chicago’s “Top Summer Events To Attend in May” in the Summer 2012 Preview issue, and received a rave review by Sid Smith for SeeDanceChicago blog, stating: “Choreographer Tif Bullard came up with a great idea and then curated the heck out of it [...] It's obvious but worth saying: I love "Dances to Songs I Hate." [...] Bullard herself, a pixie-like performer with delicate limbs, enacted a wondrous mock-disco dance to open the program, set to Steely Dan's 'Peg.'"

DANCES TO SONGS I HATE (October 2012) is listed in TimeOut Chicago as one of the Top Five Things to See in Dance, Fall 2012."

Tif's work is known for highly-detailed physicality, hypnotic musicality, theatrical flair, dark humor, raw vulnerability, and contemporary relevance. She develops her work in a two-directional poetic process - one of expression and one of impression.  Her expressive process is a deep personal exploration of life history, body awareness, and artistic questions of identity that lead her to explore through dance improvisation, self-generated text, created clothing, and metaphoric theatrical images.  Her impressive process revolves around  "sampling" actions, words and identities found in popular culture – she samples movement, text and imagery from a wide range of contemporary sources, especially online, and performs them through her own body, creating new identities for herself and new contexts for the sampled work.

In her youth, Tif was a nationally ranked figure skater. She studied acting in Chicago and completed her undergraduate degree at DePaul's School for New Learning in Performance and Culture.  She went on to receive her MFA in Performance at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago winning the James Nelson Raymond Fellowship. Tif has performed collaboratively with many well-known performance groups including Brian Torrey Scott, Weather Talking, and Plasticene. Tif is also a professional costume designer with credits on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in Chicago including the Goodman Theatre, Northlight Theater, and Victory Gardens Theater.

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