tif bullard
Decline of Ballooning
January 28th, 2010
collaborative performance
45 minutes
by Brian Torrey Scott
Featuring: Tif Bullard as Amelia, Jeff Harms as Grant, Tyler Myers as Ben, and Dan Mohr on Piano and Vocals.

Decline of Ballooning premiers at Rhinoceros Theater Festival.
Performance Dates: Thursdays at 7pm: January 28, February 4, and 11, 2010.

Decline of Ballooning is a ghost-narrated story of a man and a woman caught up in a web of geomantic intrigue. It's a musical love story about aerial photography. The woman struggles to balance the stresses of her life's work with an increasingly unstable perception of reality, the man strives to actualize his ethereal yearning. Why does anybody ever do anything, and where are they all the time?

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