tif bullard
Detail of Double Escapement @ Joyce SoHo
April 15th, 2010
solo performance
15 minute excerpt
An arresting action and song cycle that explores the inner-workings of a haunted woman and the time she has lost, performed through choreography, spoken text, and original song accompanied by live harpsichord. The piece re-codifies samples from resources including Victorian mourning practices, the Spiritualist movement, clock mechanics, paranormal television shows, YouTube home videos, Janet Jackson, Kate Bush, writings of Ben Marcus, and the films The Snake Pit and Dancer in the Dark.

April 15, 2010
at Joyce SoHo 155 Mercer Street, NYC
as part of the http://newdancealliance.org New Dance Alliance Performance Mix Festival|.

A 15-minute newly configured excerpt of the piece was shown, combining song with motion, gesture, and dance.

Click here to view the promo video of Detail of Double Escapement.

Click here to read the creative process blog.

A Performance by Tif Bullard
Costume Design and Construction by Tif Bullard
Outside Eye by Dexter Bullard

“The wire is the shortest distance between two bodies. It may be followed to any area or person one desires. It contains on its surface the shredded residue of hands that pulled too hard, held on too long, got there too fast.” – Ben Marcus
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