tif bullard
Odradek @ The House Theater
January 2011
costume design
A world-premiere by Brett Neveu
Directed by Dexter Bullard
Music by Josh Schmidt

Part Midwestern Gothic Fairy tale, part Hitchcockian thriller, Odradek is The House’s first collaboration with celebrated playwright Brett Neveu.
Join us for this dark tale about a troubled young boy and his relationship with the monster under the stairs.

Odradek tells the story of a single father from a small Iowa town who becomes troubled over his son’s declining mental heath. After a visit with a new doctor, the boy returns home and develops an odd friendship with a creature named “Odradek,” a dark, shifting form made of twine and rags that lives under the stairs outside his bedroom. When the boy’s health continues to deteriorate, the father returns to the doctor for further advice and the two enter into a romantic relationship. As his illness progresses, the boy begins to perceive the romance between his father and doctor as an echo of twisted words and hallucinated deeds. Cryptic fantasies become the boy’s stark reality as his life twists towards the shadows of Odradek’s existence, creating a world where the most sinister fairy tale may hold the key to the boy’s only means of mental and physical salvation.
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