tif bullard
Discarded Landscape
March 2005
Created in an intense eight-month rehearsal process, Discarded Landscape premiered at the Performing Arts Chicago PAC/edge Fest at the Athenaeum Theater in Spring of 2005.

A mother's absence. A broken family. A return to the Hermitage creates disjointed memories of the past that begin to take over the present. Roles are reversed, stories are retold, and fiction replaces reality.

To view a clip from the performance, please click here.

Discarded Landscape was collaboratively created by Weather Talking (Tif Bullard, Jeff Harms, Nicholas Monsour, Brian Torrey Scott, Donovan Sherman, and Sam Wagster).

Performed by Tif Bullard, Jeff Harms, and Donovan Sherman (with a cameo by Brian Torrey Scott)
Directed by Brian Torrey Scott
Set design by Nicholas Monsour
Original, live music by Sam Wagster
Costume design by Tif Bullard
Original Text by Weather Talking

duration: 70 minutes
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