tif bullard
suicide/murder birds
July 2008
2 ft x 2 ft square (with ceiling height)
During the Goat Island Summer School, we were taken on an hour long silent walk throughout a designated path. The impending storm and electric charge to the air created a sense of urgency and desolation. Throughout the walk I felt as if the world was slightly out of scale, myself being incredibly smaller than the world. Birds became messengers of ill will, dead tree branches seemed to grow knobby-knuckled hands, and overhead electrical lighting sources seemed as tall as skyscrapers.

The installation contains handmade black linen oversized-winged & tree clawed crows hung from colored cable from the ceiling, the remainder of the cable making their nest. The installation is illuminated from a metal desk lamp that creates the atmosphere that I experienced that day. The placement of the lamp's light and the birds hanging from the ceiling create a sense of confused scale.

My installation is the 2 ft by 2 ft square on the far back right.

Questions I asked while making this installation:
Where is the Sky?
Is this a murder? Or a suicide?
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