tif bullard
"I'm (not) a pink girl." [Phase 1: 9.04.08 – 9.10.08]
September 4th, 2008
installation - department store glass display case
#063-5-014 (5 foot long case)
I'm (not) a Pink Girl" is an installation featured in the Department (Store): A Collaboration with J. Morgan Puett Exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois.

Phase 1: a cluttered chaos (a study in mass)

My critique of working in the high-end retail industry for six years. The mandatory accumulation of commercial goods. Expensive, designer items in complete disarray. The commercialization of a designer lifestyle that is tailored towards the designer's ideal, and unattainable life. I am perplexed by the fact that I wear about 2% of the clothing in this case, yet somehow I have managed to store these items in my Chicago apartment...but why?

13 skirts
9 legwear
28 tops
2 blazers
18 sweaters
41 dresses
6 scarves
2 vests
11 pairs of shoes
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