tif bullard
1400 of anything @ Links Hall
November 8th, 2008
collaborative performance
15 minutes
1400 of anything by Vas Deferens (tif bullard & max alexander) appeared at New Blood II performance festival at Links Hall, Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, November 8, 2008.

1400 of anything is a performance that juxtaposes Pop Music words and melodies over dense, textural noise compositions. It takes the notion of a mash-up to the extreme, decontextualizing the Pop Song and questioning its very nature. The performance is not meant to be an ironic take on Pop Music, but instead expose new layers and meanings, hopefully some of the subtler ones that can often go unnoticed in their traditional setting – and, of course, the ones explored almost exclusively by music tagged in the genre of ‘noise’. Indeed, it is in the combination of the extremes of subtlety that new colors of music can be discovered.

To listen to an audio clip of the show, visit this link.

photo credit: Adam Neese
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