tif bullard
all of our masks feature the same exact things no matter the size

we offer INFANT, TODDLER, CHILD, TEEN/ADULT S-M, ADULT L-XL sizes and fit ages 3 months through adult

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masks should fit close to the face to allow as little air underneath to help decrease contamination. please read here to read up on scientific studies on masks and their ability to assist your health during the Covid-19 outbreak.

each face mask has
adjustable chenille nose wire that is comfortable and can conform to your exact nose profile. the wire is meant to conform and add shape and extra protection. the chenille wire is housed inside a fabric tube that you can remove once your nose wire is no longer holding its shape well - you can replace it with a pipe cleaner, a few grocery store twist ties, floral wire or plastic coated wire from the hardware store

one foot per side of one quarter inch elastic that is not locked down but adjustable around each ear allowing plenty of room for personal fit and comfort. if your elastic needs to be replaced you can simply purchase your own and re-thread the elastic through the loops.

a pocket for a filter is included that also asks as your liner as well. the pocket can be left empty if you simply want two pieces of fabric as your cover, or other types of filters such as PM2.5 or homemade filters, or even a surgical mask you would get at a doctors office or hospital can be inserted inside the pocket.

washable by hand and air-dried or washed inside a lingerie bag inside the machine on delicate. they will last as long as anything cotton in your wardrobe would if you treat it correctly. we recommend washing your mask in unscented detergent due to the fact that it is so close to the face you do not want any additional lung irritation. avoid any sort of fabric softeners or bleach, but boosters like oxyclean can be used to spot treat or remove makeup stains.

sustainable because you can use it over and over again as long as you would wear anything cotton in your wardrobe and it is washed properly. this means that all you need to replace is the filter, not throw away hundreds of surgical masks (you can simply use one and use that as your filter) and once you feel that it is no longer necessary to wear a mask for covid-19 or other virus protection, keep it on hand for days with high pollution or ozone days, times when you yourself are sick and need to travel into an office for a check-up, or are using public transportation like flying, using the bus or train or ferry.

comfortable is a super important factor because i myself have anxiety. it's important that your mask makes you feel safe, but also doesn't create more anxiety while wearing it because you feel as if you're suffocating yourself. our masks will take some getting used to, but within a few minutes you will maybe even forget you are wearing them. i tried it out with my children and they rode their scooters and kicked around a soccer ball and none of them complained that it was hard to breathe or got in the way of their helmet or running around. my mother also was terrified of wearing a mask and put it on with her filter and questioned why she felt so comfortable it in and she chose a more tight woven cotton as her mask. therefore, assure yourself that you can feel comfortable but practice at home first to be sure you have your mask adjusted correctly and you feel comfortable so you can go out confident. brush your teeth, too because you will be smelling your own breath!

stylish because you get to choose your mask fabric and "look" - you will notice that people are more comfortable around you, looking at you, because the mask is less scary than one that reminds them of one in a hospital because right now we associate masks with "sick people"

responsible because you never know if you are a carrier of a virus, or if you yourself are coming down with a virus - this helps your own germs staying inside and closer to your face not your partner's or the public.

not scientific while our masks are a safer choice, we are obviously not tested by a science lab. you can do your own research on PM2.5 filters. while the PM2.5 filter is best for environmental air flow, be warned that Covid-19 is SMALLER than a PM2.5 mask filter and can get through the filter. however, studies show that any sort of mask significantly reduces your risk. and a study showed that even a loosely worn surgical mask you'd pick up at a hospital stopped the virus by 68%. therefore, this mask with any sort of filter or even just the cloth itself PLUS social distancing can help reduce your risk - but not by 100 percent.
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