tif bullard
Place your order using the CONTACT link on the main page of the tifbullard.com website

Please note Tif is trying to produce around 25 masks a day This is a one-woman show!

Browse the gallery on “buy a cloth mask” folder in my portfolio located on my main page to see fabric selection and sizing help. You can also do an "artist's choice" which will be a thoughtful, but random choice from fabrics listed or from a secret not-shown-stash.

Each fabric has a name listed on the top of the page of each fabric selection such as “green grid” or “outlaw”

To order
Enter your name, email address, phone number, mailing address where you would like the mask to be sent
In the massage:
How you want your masks shipped (Priority Mail or First Class)
List your size and fabric pattern preference for that particular size
List a second choice of fabric (please)
List a color of jersey ties you want or artist's matching choice (color choices are black, red, orange, purple). If we have elastic we will substitute elastic. If you prefer jersey, please state you prefer jersey and if you have a color preference.
List any questions you may want answered
Do you want to donate $ if so how much every dollar gets added to our donation fund to reduce costs for those unemployed or in need of help.

Tif Bullard
123 Crazy Person Drive, Artistown, IL 00000
Priority Mail
Infant size in "painting" - second choice: "peacock"
Toddler size in "repair" - second choice: "outlaw"
Teen-Adult S-M size in “garden variety” - second choice: “traffic jam”
I have no questions.
Donate $1.00*

I will email you back if I have any further questions and a timeline in which I believe your order will be able to be shipped.
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