tif bullard
$20 per mask of any size (includes 1 PM 2.5 filter and a base mask of any size)

If you are curious about PM2.5 filters (read here if you are curious about their protection from COVID-19)

Priority is insured and masks lost or severely delayed in the mail CAN be remade or refunded (your choice) once a claim is made.
Price for priority shipping is $8.30 for 1-10 (and their filters). Orders of 4 masks or more must ship priority due to weight/price

Price for first class mail is $5 for 1-3 masks (and their filters). Masks chosen to ship first class mail are not insured and therefore if lost or delayed in the mail WILL NOT be able to be remade or refunded.

All sales are final as it is a personal protective piece touching your face—but i want you to be happy. Contact me if you have any issues.

I use PayPal or Venmo or old fashioned mail me a check.
PayPal: tiffanybullard@earthlink.net
Venmo: @tifbullard or bullard.tif@gmail.com
Check mailed to my home address (contact me for my address).
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