tif bullard
Any $ helps!

Thank you for your donation! Together, your donations have helped me make over 400 donated masks! Your donation dollars help pay for or defray costs for: materials, supplies, shipping and filters.

If you would like to add a dollar amount extra to your order towards our donation fund to help those in need - your donation helps to reduce costs or even give a free mask - please consider doing so!

My masks have been donated to nurses, doctors, healthcare practitioners, first responders, religious leaders, volunteers, Black Lives Matter, LBGTQA community, Elgin Community Crisis Center, Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, Salt Drop of NYC, Covid-19 affected and quarantined households, cancer and immune-compromised patients, protestors, and artists across the US and internationally. Thank you to those who donated to support and defray donation mask costs.

Let's Keep Going!

Any donation can be made $1 and up.
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