tif bullard
"I'm (not) a pink girl." [Phase 3: 9.30.08 – 12.01.08]
September 30th, 2008
installation - department store glass display case
#063-5-014 (5 feet long)
I'm (not) a Pink Girl" is an installation featured in the Department (Store): A Collaboration with J. Morgan Puett Exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois.

Phase 3: a nest (a study for the soul)

The clothing loses memory of the body. The clothing loses support from the body. In order to create community, the clothing is structured in four familial clusters organized by color, weight, and texture.

13 skirts
9 legwear
28 tops
2 blazers
18 sweaters
41 dresses
6 scarves
2 vests
11 pairs of shoes
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