tif bullard
March 2003
collaborative performance
75 minutes
Air.Tact.Light premiered at the Spring 2003 Performing Arts Chicago PAC/edge Fest at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

A structured logic is in place: Two casts of three performers act out abstractions of the same material for Two Figures. Figure Three is the deconstruction of the logic where cast members develop their relationship to the cast, their doppleganger, and recontextualize narrative.

*Tif is in green dress.
Collaboratively performed by Tif Bullard, Donovan Sherman, Nora Jean Lange, Christopher Kuckenbaker, Meredith Crosley, and Jeff Harms.
Directed and written by Brian Torrey Scott.
Set design by Nicholas Monsour.
Original music by Nicholas Monsour and Sam Wagster.

Air.Tact.Light was the 2003 PAC/edge commission piece.

duration: 75 minutes
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