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Oh My Soul
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OH MY SOUL is a film about isolation, despair, and the miracle of empathy. Everyday and spiritual realities are explored through a dream-like progression of events including grocery shopping, oversleeping, working, hallucinating, nervous breakdown, death, rebirth and a lunar eclipse. Abigail, a young woman in her twenties who has recently lost her parents and moved to Chicago to share an apartment with her estranged Aunt, to whom she pays rent and rarely speaks. Abigail is troubled with sleeplessness and nocturnal visits by apparitions. When her Aunt suddenly dies, the distinction between reality and dream dissolves. The only person who understands her is Hector, a young man from Colombia with a fatal illness who's lost all hope and just needs a place to stay...

Starring: Catiah Li, Gonzalo Escobar, Jane Hu
Screenplay By: Nicholas Monsour
Directed By: Nicholas Monsour

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