tif bullard
Tif Bullard’s reviews for costume design on Sucker Punch at Victory Gardens (September – October 2015)

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“Tif Bullard's costumes are, well, right on.”
–Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“Tom Burch’s set, with its angled ring, bare brick walls and steel lockers is spot-on, as are Tif Bullard’s “period” costumes.”
–Hedy Weiss, Chicago SunTimes

“...In a thrillingly staged, gorgeously designed production.”
–Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago

“From the dizzying multitude of period-perfect costumes (Tif Bullard) to the “Raging Bull” worthy lighting (Lee Fiskness) and sound design (Christopher Kriz), “Sucker Punch” becomes a complete work of art in the hands of its equally ambitious technicians.”
–Newcity Stage

“And Tif Bullard perfectly captures the tacky aesthetic of the era, short shorts, loud patterns and all.”
–Lauren Whalen, Chicago Theater Beat

“From Dexter Bullard’s assured direction to a gorgeous honey-toned set from Tom Burch featuring a full-scale boxing ring that blends perfectly with Tif Bullard’s costumes (lots of browns and oranges with splashes of blue), Sucker Punch is a stunning, technical knockout.”
–Tom Lawler, The Fourth Walsh

“The vivid physical production is an essential contributor to the success of the Victory Gardens revival, so a shout out goes to Tom Burch for the set, Tif Bullard for the costumes, and especially Lee Firkness for the dramatic lighting and Christopher Kriz for the original music and atmospheric sound design.”
–Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews