tif bullard
Caption: Decoded @ SalonathonCaption: Decoded @ SalonathonCaption: Decoded @ Links HallCaption: Decoded @ THAWCaption: Decoded @ THAWCaption: Decoded @ LooptopiaCaption: Decoded @ LooptopiaCaption: Decoded @ Quat-Z-Arts BallCaption: Decoded @ Quat-Z-Arts Ball
Caption: Decoded
Caption: Decoded examines the intimate, yet distant relationship between woman and machine, most specifically woman and her television set. This improvised performance analyzes the unique way in which humans must perform for their televisions.

Using a live, but muted television as source material & light, closed captioning as the text, and gestures and movements taken from the television characters and cameras, I find ways to abstract reality and create cohesion through improvisation.

Watch Caption: Decoded at Salonathon (2012).

To view documentation of this piece of its premier at Links Hall, click on this link.

The costume is designed and constructed by Tif Bullard.