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echo chamber
echo chamber is a one-woman autobiographical performance confessional comprising stories, fragments, music, and images resonating from my entrapment in the grips of a life-long phobia.

The piece features two video projections (one recorded & one live), four vintage stand-alone record players & over 20 records, a 100-piece clothing floor installation, a completely scripted text, and loosely choreographed & improvisational movement/dance.

Written & Performed by Tif Bullard.
Directed by Dexter Bullard.
Video by Nicholas Monsour.
Original costume design and construction by Tif Bullard.
Stage Managed by Michael Macias.
Technical assistance by Nicholas Monsour & Bob Brown.

To see documentation of the opening sequence at the Rhino Fest performance, click on this link.

To see a video that appeared in the performance, click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA7c2Cj_E this link|.