tif bullard
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Surround is a physical performance algorithm that captures the expression of a series of spontaneous moments and extrapolates them into a labyrinth of sonic energy that ultimately controls and overtakes the body.

It is a collaboration with Candaian sound designer, max alexander. They are collectively known as Vas Deferens.

Surround investigates the exploration of reinterpretation and repetition. A poem is reinvented live as song, analog sonic resources are manipulated through digital processing, and sampled gestures are deconstructed into rigorous sculptural movement and dance.

Resources include a music box, a vintage 1920's electric fan, and the human voice as processed through Max/MSP.

To see documentation of this performance, click on this link.

For Facebook users, you can see a video of the full June 14, 2008 performance at Links Hall, click here for part one and click here for part two.

Original costume design and construction by Tif Bullard.