tif bullard
"Week" series
Week is an installation featured in the New Work exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from December 12, 2008 to January 10, 2009. The installation is comprised of seven digital self-portrait photographs and seven hand-embroidered flour sack dishtowels. The work is inspired by the ritualistic tasks performed by the traditional American housewife. Historically, these tasks correspond to a specific day of the week: Monday is Laundry; Tuesday is Ironing; Wednesday is Sewing; Thursday is Grocery Shopping; Friday is Cleaning; Saturday is Baking; Sunday is the Day of Rest. I am interested in how craft and household maintenance are both examples of work performed by female hands. The work investigates the physical and emotional exhaustion, exertion, and escapism in the performance of daily tasks, and how this directly relates to a woman’s sense of self in relation to duty. Week views this specific icon of the American housewife through the lens of a modern woman stuck inside a cycle, rooted in inescapable tradition.

[This folder is also cross-referenced in INSTALLATION]